ULKAR Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.


2010Designing and Manufacturing PLC controlled 2 heating and cooling package for Agitatated
2010Reactors for fine chemical industry, and installation at site with validation tests.
2009Designing and Manufacturing 1 pcs Scrubber Column ( Polypropylene )
2008Designing and Manufacturing PLC controlled 6 heating and cooling package for Agitator Tanks for fine chemical pharma industry, and installation at site and acceptance test
2006Designing and Manufacturing 5 pcs Reactor for New Synthesis Unit ( AISI316L 6m3 to 1m3)
2006Designing and Manufacturing 3 pcs Reactor for New Pilot Unit ( AISI316L 600 lt to 100 lt )
2006Designing and Manufacturing 6 pcs Storage Tanks for New Investment ( AISI316L 10 m3 )
2006All manufactured equipment site erection at site
2006Installation Glass-lined and Glass process equipment and pipingwork at site
2006Designing and manufacturing all Process Piping and Erection at site
2006Designing & checking all utility lines and pipingwork at site
2006Commissioning and start-up assistance at site